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To Induce Vomiting!

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To Induce Vomiting!
Recently one of our small Cavy’s ate a lot of chocolate. We started by mixing salt & butter into a half golf ball size & put it down his throat. Five minutes & no vomit so gave him a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide (3%) Another 5 minutes & no vomit, so this time a larger salt & butter combination & wamo the amount of chocolate he brought up was unbelievable, he ate more than we thought.

Dogs also naturally Bile themselves out. This is not necessarily saying that they are sick. It’s also an indication that their gastric juices are out of balance or a build up of too much acid in the stomach. They don’t always eat the same grass’s or plant material, they know which is suitable for them. So first step is to observe the dog before rushing off to the vet.

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