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Chiropractic & Natural Therapy for Your Canine Friend

Private Dog Training Lessons

If you want more from your dog and would like to learn “precision obedience” talk to Garry about how he can help you have the winning edge.


    • 2017 WGSDCA National Champion
    • 2014 WGSDCA National Champion
    • 10 Years as an IPO Competitor
    • IPO 3 High in Trial
  • IPO 3 High in Tracking Title



The musculoskeletal system of a dog that has a sudden traumatic or repetitive stress placed on it can result in functional problems.  Many owners know when their animal is not their normal self. The alignment of the dog is so important for Show, Racing, Working or Service dogs & even the family pet. Chiropractic manipulation and physiotherapy stretching can benefit a dog tremendously.

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Ultrasound therapy increases circulation of the blood and allows proteins in the blood to repair by increasing microscopic air bubbles that  stimulate parts of the cell membranes important in healing inflammation, thus  helping alleviate both muscle and joint pain. Ultrasound also helps with Arthritic conditions in combination with our other Therapies. Ultrasound allows the tissues to heal with out building up scare tissue so as the muscle heals back to a normal function.

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According to the Chinese, when an animal is healthy, there is a circulation of energy, life force, or “chi” along well defined channels on the skin called meridians. The meridians are connected with internal organs, muscular and joint structures, and nervous system. Excellent in the treatment of Cruciate ligament damage along with the Magnetic Field Blanket.

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This therapy uses electrical energy to direct a series of magnetic pulses through injured tissue whereby each magnetic pulse induces a tiny electrical signal that stimulates cellular repair. The different settings allow for the healing of both Bone & Tissue damage & helps bring the Dogs metabolism rate back to a normal state. Excellent for Dogs with bowel movement problems. Older dogs with arthritis & joint pain benefit with using this as it has a setting for osteo pain also.

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The Muscle contractor is a device that makes muscles contract. It achieves this by stimulating the muscles with an (adjustable settings) electrical pulse. If an injured muscle is left to heal itself unaided it is likely to become limp and loose and lose its power due to the fact it will not be used much while the healing process takes place. This device used with other equipment here at our chiropractic centre gives your dog the opportunity to heal & recover to it’s full potential. This contributes to the rehabilitation of the dog.

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Dog deep tissue massage therapy focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as the neck, chest, shoulders, back and leg muscles. For the dog chiropractor this also assists in gentler manipulation. Using pressure points as in acupuncture (by hand) we increase the blood flow & again assisting in healing of the muscles & there flexibility to function at the optimum level.

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