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Chiropractic & Natural Therapy for Your Canine Friend


Nutrition for Dogs 14th June 2012

Dog Health & Maintainance 14th February 2012

Merry Christmas 21st December 2011

Canine Hip Dysplasia 30th November 2011

Puppy Feeding and Rearing 30th September 2011

Physical Therapy for our Dogs 1st September 2011

Routine Examination of the Dog 6th July 2011

Who is Responsible for Dog Behaviuor Part 2 3rd June 2011

Who is Responsible for Dog Behaviour Part 1 3rd May 2011

Treating Arthritis and Other Disorders 31st March 2011

Optimal Dog Care, Part 2; A balanced diet. 27th February 2011

Optimal Dog Care – Part 1 ; Working towards the Optimal health of your dog is in its diet. 29th January 2011