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About Garry Pitt

It’s been more than two decades now since Garry and his wife Leica Pitt decided to turn their hobby or interest in dogs into a business.

They realized they would have to work somewhere to create money to exist, feed their family and their beloved dogs so they made a choice and decided they might as well work at something they love. A wise choice in any mans language.

Although it was only a dream to start with, this dream developed into what was known as Kytana Kennels and Canine Therapy Centre. In a short period of time Garry and Leica’s enthusiasm and dedication saw their kennels and Garry’s business as a dog chiropractor and therapist become one of the most popular in the Victorian Hinterland.

Unfortunately for them but fortunately for us the urban sprawl eventually reached  their kennels and as always happens the increase in council rates in these newly established areas soon made it evident that a shift would be needed. Lucky for us this shift was to sunny Queensland, North of Brisbane to Morayfield.

Garry could see there was a need for his dog chiropractic work in Brisbane where it did not take him long to build up a reputation and thriving business.

Through Garry’s many years of working with dogs, he has treated many with arthritis, muscle wastage, limping or sore joints and back problems.

Garry’s natural approaches to treatment through chiropractic adjustments in conjunction with ultrasound, magnetic therapy, muscle contractor and massage have produced excellent results with all dogs from the show dog, working dog and your family pet.

Talking with Garry you can see he has a strong desire to help all dogs. A strong believer in the way our dogs need to be fed has resulted in many, many healthier and happier dogs.

People from all areas sing highly of his praises.