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Nutrition for Your Dog

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Nutrition for Dogs

Nutrition for our dogs is very important for their well-being in early and later life.

We all know full well that processed foods are not good for us. The effect of processed foods takes it’s time to show any adverse effects in the majority of cases. The same is for our dogs, when they are young everything looks and seems fine most of the time.

But over a period of time their coats become dull and dry, sore’s appear, rashes develop and even lameness. They put on weight, seem to be hungry more often and may become lazy.

Processed pet foods have a very high content of cereals (4 times the meat content). This is flavoured with meat render and dyes of no nutritional value to our dogs and it is too high in starch and can result in a diet with too much refined sugar.

Nature catered for them by the fact that they ate the gut content of the prey animal first, which had semi digested plant and grain material, then the organs and after that the meat, bones and hair.
The order that the wild ancestors ate their food is quite clear and indicated that the vegetable content of the diet is vital to their health.

What I have done is source a dog muesli developed by a dog breeder/naturopath, Bark Natural for it to used with a raw meat diet.
Some of the ingredients include:
* Alfalfa
* Kelp
* Gention
* St marys thistle
* Oats and many more.

The Muesli (that has been wet) is mixed with raw meat at the ratio of 1/4 cup muesli to 250 grams of meat (1 cup). Also you still can add other nutritional products (if required) without affecting the balance.


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