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Benefits of Using a Dog Chiropractor For Your Furry Friend

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Dog Chiropractic

Dog Chiropractic is a natural approach to musculoskeletal management and optimum  wellbeing. A dog chiropractor identifies dysfunctional vertabrae and joints  which aren’t moving properly.

These areas of dysfunction stress adjacent soft tissues and irritate spinal  nerves.

The initial consultation gives a thorough examination of the animals posture,  muscles, spine and limbs. It is essential to identify which muscles and  structures are abnormally functioning, what needs to be treated and whether  there are any other conditions which may need a different treatment. If  required, manipulations are carried out immediately.

Manipulations are  applied by hand using a controlled force on your dog. There is  no unnecessary stress put on the limbs. In addition many added  procedures including laser, stretching and soft tissue procedures such as trigger point  therapy and massage may be used.

The musculoskeletal system of a  dog that has suffered any sudden or ongoing repetitive stress placed on  it can result in functional problems.

Nerve irritation interrupts the flow of  the nerve impules. Which may affect the function of organs, muscles for  movement and respiration, circulation and co-ordination.

Joint structures  and tissues under stress weaken and eventually break down. These structures include  joint capsules, cartilage, ligaments and tendons.

Many limb problems have the  potential to cause movement and muscle compensation for either the pain or  the dysfunction in the affected limb.

Various soft tissue  and other methods may also be used to treat muscles and  limbs directly. You may also be given other exercises to do at  home to assist in the healing.

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