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Puppy Selection

Selection of Puppies

The selection of a puppy and the breed is important, probably one of the most important decisions in your life as it means many adjustments to your life style may have to change.

The reason I say this is because once you have selected and purchased your puppy you are responsible for it for at least the next decade. The next question is, is this the right time for you to purchase a puppy?

Things to consider are;

  • How much time will the pup be at home buy itself.
  •  When will someone be able to give the puppy attention and help with its’ socialization?
  • Have you young children that need to be taught how to interact with the pup?
  • Does all of the family want a dog and are they aware of the restrictions having a dog will put on the family? At a latter point l will talk about how to adjust the new puppy to its adopted pack.

Many people buy a puppy on emotion seeing their cute antics in the pet shop window. The type of dog you select should be considered carefully. Your personal circumstances should be examined carefully and at the end of the day these should dictate your choice of breed.

I would suggest before purchasing a puppy or securing one from the pound you do several things.

  • You may be in an area where there is a local dog club, visit them and  many different breeds will be there to observe.
  • Visit a dog show and see how much grooming and care is required for each breed.
  • What do you want from your dog? Try to have a clear picture as all breeds of dogs were bred for a particular job.

In all there is in excess of two hundred different types of dog breeds in Australia. Once you acquaint yourself with the different breeds you will notice the variation in physical attributes like body size and proportion, muscular and shape, head and ear shape, coat texture and length.

UNFORTUNATELY it is our attraction to these characteristics which in most cases determines our choice of companion. We assume (wrongly) that all dogs act alike. Behavior is malleable, but dogs are born with a propensity to act in certain ways often dictated by their inherent genes.

l suggest even after you have decided on the breed of dog  you feel would most suit your family the job is only half done. Before rushing  into purchasing your new family member, spend time to check out some specifics. Every breed of dog can be good with children. This of course is a general statement as how the puppy and children are raised is of extreme importance.

No matter the size of the dog when it plays it is boisterous. They will mouth you playfully as they have done in the past with their litter mates. On the other hand young children see little difference between a real dog and their rag dog which they can twist and turn in any direction. Much education and guidance is needed with both parties.

Look closely at the housing side of things. Is your  property secured, being able to hold the dog when it matures. If you are buying a pedigree dog are the papers in order. Some breeders place specific terms on the sale called breeders terms which may restrict you and your future plans. Be sure to buy with an experienced dog person as they can guide you through the purchase.

l suggest visit Dog Breed Info and under go the simple test to see which breed is more compatible to your families environment, use this also as a guide.

At the Dog Chiropractic Therapy Centre (Morayfield) North of Brisbane we are more than happy to assist you in any way needed to help you make your decision.