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Bark Natural Mix

Bark Natural is a naturopathic formulated complete food mix for dogs, that will enhance any dogs raw meat diet.

It contains Alfalfa, Gention, Kelp, Oats, Sunflower Seeds, Livamol and other essential vitamins and minerals. Mix with your dogs raw meat diet and you will have an excellent balance diet for your dog.

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“We began taking our black poodle Bonny to Garry Pitt in early September 2012 as she was having trouble with the coordination of her hindquarters.  Our local vet thought she had probably pulled a muscle and put her on a course of anti-inflammatory tablets.  Several weeks later the problem had not improved, so we sought Gary’s advice and he recommended ongoing treatment of magnetic therapy.  We’ve found this to be very beneficial and her movement has improved enormously.
During the treatment Garry commented on the fact that her coat was very sparse and dull, and in fact completely hairless in some places.  We explained to him that she had been that way for a very long time, and that we had sought the advice of both our vet and a dermatological specialist who were both mystified by her condition and had no solution to offer.  Garry suggested we change her diet of canned dog food to one of raw mince and a supplement called ‘Bark Natural’.  Within weeks we noticed a huge difference in the condition of her coat.  The colour had much more depth, the texture had lost its dull dry feel and to our amazement hair had started to grow back in places where it had been bald for years.
My husband and I would like to thank Garry for his all his help and advice with Bonnys various problems, and cannot recommend his treatments highly enough.”

Melissa and Geoff Haines